TW Bracher supplies components for leisure caps and hats of many different styles which include childrens headwear, flat caps, riding safety hats, top hats, trilbys, bowlers, berets and many more.


With a library of over 1500 peak knives, T W Bracher can offer customers a comprehensive range of flat or pre curved peak and brim shapes. Our leisure peaks are suitable for a wide range of headwear such as childrens, country and sports caps, brimmed hats and many more. To complement this service, TW Bracher carries an extensive selection of materials in a wide range of thicknesses and colours for the manufacture of peaks. These various materials offer different characteristics which make them suitable for many applications and also assist the manufacturer in obtaining the performance required in their end product.


Sweatbands are available in either vegetable tanned leather or simulated leather in a range of stock colours. They can be supplied in a variety of widths and shapes from 12mm to 55mm wide and lengths of up to 660mm and finished with “brachering”, a special form of stitching pioneered by Mr Bracher himself.

Sweatbands can also be perforated in a variety of patterns to suit the customer. Fabric sweatbands are manufactured for Panama hats in Brown/Black satin finishes. Sweatbands can be further enhanced by foil printing/embossing and formed into sized rings with care label and bow attached.


A variety of materials for example, expanded polythene, buckram stiffeners and non woven fabrics are stocked which are suitable for use as stiffeners in the manufacture of headwear. These can be cut to specific sizes or offered in reel form.

We stock a selection of wires for use in the brims of hats plus the associated ferrules for closing these wires to form rings.


A premium range of Galloon ribbons utilised on the brim and crown of hats. The cotton and rayon blend ensures the ribbon can be easily shaped to fit the profile of the hat’s crown.

Also available are pre-curved ribbons designed specifically for sweatbanding in hats. The elastic characteristics allow the product to conform to the shape of the hat.

Alternatively, textured polyester hat tapes offer an economical sweatband solution for the inside of headwear.


A range of Hat sweatband bows, Feathers, Cap back fasteners, Size labels, Foam packaging collars, Alice bands, Hat straps, Baseball cap size adjusters & Size reducing pads.